IOG is an underestimated advantage of Cardano

When I started learning about cryptocurrencies many years ago, one of the most strange opinions on social media was the claim that Bitcoin had no leader and that it was the best thing for decentralization. Some people even claimed that Bitcoin doesn’t even have a team, or that Bitcoin is modified by anyone who wants to. As a programmer and expert in network protocols, I immediately knew this was nonsense. Yet to this day, many people still believe it. Charles Hoskinson and the IOG team are sometimes seen as the problem, but it’s actually one of Cardano’s greatest strengths. Most people in the cryptocurrency space don’t understand decentralization. They don’t know what a team can and cannot do with a running distributed network that is decentralized through coins or hash rate. The lay public may not know that every software in the world has a team of maintainers and a decision-maker. We will try to explain why a team of experts, scientists, and programmers is the best Cardano can have and how we will all benefit from it.


The Cardano community should be proud of the IOG team and realize that the success of the project is dependent on the ability to improve blockchain technology and innovate. Unlike gold, problems of blockchain protocols can be solved. New features can be even added. If we want better money, it is comforting to know that we can improve a new financial system indefinitely.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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