IOHK doesnt give a f*ck about scamers!

Just read this: RavenDEX - #59 by Darth_Daygo and this: There must be a Quality Assessment for projects on this "essential" list! · Issue #238 · input-output-hk/essential-cardano · GitHub


who cares they invented crypto and all the coins to create personal welth they dont give a F about people is again to centralize power CZ is a billionare now and the same to all the rest

mostly of coin makers are working to concentrate the most amount of money to their own profit shame on them make the rich richer is always the game

there is no improvement on anything web 3.o is gonna be another sink to humanity we dont need mammuts getting back there is 90% of hummans in poverty becouse the wrong way of humanity has done in the pass shame again on all this