IOHK Private Pools

What are the two IOHK[5,6] - Private pools? Why do they exist? Is this a testnet thing or will private pools be allowed on the mainnet? To date these two pools have produced 17% of the blocks - see

Money, more ADA? :thinking: :grin:

A good question…

In my opinion a testnet is here to have and play all flavour of possible aspects. Private pools are one such thing.

So a good question but you shouldn’t focus on the private pools only and let it look like IOHK does only run private pools.
If they were really out for profits, they wouldn’t run just two such pools way above the saturation limit, but split them up to a lot more perfectly pledged pools for profit maximizing. They don’t.

What instead is a very crucial and important factor while bootstrapping such a testnet: provide a stable and solid instance, and prevent early bootstrap attempts from adversary individuals to hijack the whole testnet.

The more pool operators learn to handle their nodes, keep them up and running the better it becomes. And the more private tADA holders show up and delegate their funds to the pools the more decentralised we are.
IOHK then is not more required in his current function.