IOHK statement: A Beta release for Daedalus on Linux


daedalus (0.10#dev.1548) my daedalus shown these. am i correct on what I’m updating (latest update)?


hey Jason, you are correct. I updated yesterday on OS X, that is what I see as well.


Yes, latest update shows this. It’s ok.


Got the following error message on RHEL 7.5 Workstation

unshare(): Invalid argument

Fixed it with

su -c "echo 10000 > /proc/sys/user/max_user_namespaces"

Might helpful for other RHEL editions or possibly CentOS.


I’ve reinstalled Daedalus, hoping to have the new version, but it’s not the last version. How can I update Daedalus ?


I installed it without problems on Ubuntu 18.04. I can’t import a wallet from my seed though. I entered the words and nothing happens.


I installed Daedalus on Lubuntu 18.04 LTS. Not problem yet, but It’s still synchronizing … (although my internet connection is fast.)


Updating,… all the sync process was fine. Without any problem. It seems very stable. During these days we will stress the wallet to see if failures arise with a couple of coins.


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a quick hack to get more inodes is to create a loopback device with a fresh filesystem on it then mount it so that daedalus uses it to store your DB, this way you get a whole load more inodes from your diskspace that only consumes a few inodes on the underlying filesystem

You also get a super fast wipe of your daedalus installl by unlinking the loopback , if you need to do that in a hurry


You do not need to mount any loopback dev, as you can use any new FS and mount it under the Daedalus’ DB dir. What, I did is I mounted an FS to some data dir (/data/Daedalus or similar) and just softlinked the Daedalus’ DB.

However, the issue is that a fresh installs on a laptop/PC use all disk space in which you cannot change inodes easily.


Is anybody creating a snap or a flatpack?


The reason for Linux binaries not being released is the million+ small files issue, which typically causes inode exhaustion on Linux filesystems (source). This problem will be solved with Cardano 1.4, which is coming in October. I think we can expect a release then.

Meanwhile, there is a community-made Linux guide that works with the current release.


@mjackson001 posted on dev telegram:


Wanted to report back that I’ve been able to get Daedalus to run on Linux. there were some changes, most important of which was the settngs in /etc/nix/nix.conf have changed from previous source releases. I needed to update that file prior to running ‘nix build -f default.nix’. After that, the binary is in ./result/bin/daedalus. Unlike previous releases, you don’t need / want a separate Cardano SL node running locally, it’s bundled with the daedalus binary. Once I realized those issues, I am now up and running on Ubuntu from a source checkout of



I just want to report that version 0.11.1 (with node 1.3.1) compiles and works on CentOS 7. I have successfully sent and receive ADA between wallet and crypto exchange. Thanks!


no plans that i am aware of to change our distribution format

we use nix for our linux releases and this does our package management agnostically of any linux distro


Daedalus wallet installed in a Parrot OS 4.2.2 - Debian based (testing). fast synchronization. Pleasantly surprised.


Working on and FreeBSD (not as easy) too!