IP and Port of Peers

Looking through documentation, I found this. ----> Your block-producing node must ONLY talk to your relay nodes, and the relay node should talk to other relay nodes in the network. It says to go to the forum channel for IP address and port of peers. Any guidance as to what I should be doing here?

Meaning that on BP u should not run the topology updater script and you will add in the topology file only your relays.

The topology updater script must run only on relays (and add ur BP ip:port to custom peers)

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You could also register on pooltool.io and build your topology manually by selecting and requesting data from other pools relays. In my experience one should do this anyway (including maintenance once in a while). Otherwise you might drown in connection errors from your cardano-node (if you have error logging enabled) overseeing important ones.

Thanks! Much appreciated. I have things all set up now, and the pool registered!