Is Air Gap Necessary?

I just watched the demo on GitLab. It looks like a good way to stay organized with what needs to be done to keep your nodes running smoothly.

I’m still confused though about what you said about the disposable machine instances. I don’t want to interrupt this thread with my questions though.

Do you mind if I DM you the question once I finish looking around their software?


Not at all, or create a thread mentioning me so I can see it pop and everyone can benefit for the questions/answers.


If you are using an extra machine or small form factor PC as an air gapped node and it has bluetooth or wifi capabilities it is a really good idea to disable the hardware for those features in the system BIOS or better yet, remove or disable the hardware completely.

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I’d like to learn how to set mine up in an automated way like this

Hi there, I am convinced that having Air Gap Machine no doubt increases security. But given the fact that we can also encrpyt/decrypt important files from, with a very strong password. Is the Air Gap still necessary?

any device connected to internet can be a target for hackers attack… if your server will be compromised then someone can take ur files and also the encryption password…

The airgap machine should be hard to attack because is not connected to the internet… but also here can be more discussions if u use an usb to transffer the files … in other words nothing in this world is 100% safe thats why we need to take all actions to prevent access to the files…

First step is to secure the node as better u can to prevent access to the files… (use strong passwords, use Three-factor authentication (3FA), etc)