Is CARDANO Quantum resistent and anonymous?

I heard the CEO Charles Hoskinson saying, cardano is Quantam resistent and also anonymous. Is this true? Can someone provide me an article about it. Thanks everyone

No papers I know of but quantum resistance mentioned on roadmap here:

Cardano is not anonymous to my knowledge. It is easier to hide the total amount of coins in your wallet by creating different addresses when you send and receive coins so the breadcrumb trail is harder to follow though.


Cardano is not quantum resistant at this moment.

As per the roadmap it’s 50% in development stage.

It’s good to note that after the 1.4 release every other update will be part of Shelly.
As per the roadmap, the quantum resistant signature is part of that stage. So that said, I do believe the development hereof will remain on track.

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What do u guys have to say about Japanese community holdin about 94% of coins? Isnt that a threat to the network if the cooperate wid each other to do 51%. Morover they have most voting power and the funds from Treasury will easily be going to japanese projects. how the hell is cardano supposed to be decentralised?

@cardano_millionare a simple math would prove that claim wrong, 94% of almost 26B ada in circulation today will leave around 1.5B to non Japanesese people, IOHK already have 2.4 Billion ada, they are definitely not Japanese, plus billions of ada in Binance and some other exchanges, surely not all who trade ada are Japanese.


very good point. Maybe they then dumped lot of it during the bullrun im 2017. and the no. might br much lower right now.

i just read an article which says : the minm Cardano transaction will be 0.155281. Meaning, if the price of each ADA tocken will go high, it makes no sense to make micro transaction wid cardano. Ex : If ADA goes to say 10$, spending 1 or 2 ADA for small purchase would mean 15% fees i.e 1.5 or 3 dollars. What do u have to say about this?

Hi, these numbers are temporary, they can always be changed by voting, depending on different factors.
Here’s IOHK thoughts:

"Why did we pick this particular formula? The reason for having parameter ‘a’ is the prevention of DDoS attacks mentioned above: even a very small dummy transaction should cost enough to hurt an attacker who tries to generate many thousands of them. Parameter ‘b’ has been introduced to reflect actual costs: storing larger transactions needs more computer memory than storing smaller transactions, so larger transactions should be more expensive than smaller ones.

In order to arrive at the particular values for parameters ‘a’ and ‘b’, we had to answer questions like:
How expensive is one byte of computer memory?
How many transactions will there be on average per second?
How large will a transaction be on average?
How much does it cost to run a full node?

We had to estimate the answers to those questions, but now that Cardano is up and running, we will be able to gather statistics to find more accurate answers. This means that ‘a’ and ‘b’ will probably be adjusted in future to better reflect actual costs.

We even plan to eventually come up with a scheme that will adjust those constants dynamically in a market driven way , so that no human intervention will be needed to react to changes in traffic and operational costs. How to achieve this is one focus of our active research."


I don’t want to directly say you are wrong with saying 94% but I would like you to confirm your source. In other words, where did you git this percentage?

“The reason for having parameter is the prevention of DDoS attacks mentioned above: even a very small dummy transaction should cost enough to hurt an attacker who tries to generate many thousands of them”


Just google and stuffs. Cant confirm you if thats true. Nut that is what i read. 94% of ICO coupons were exchanged by japanese.

I’m sure you will be able to do the math after reading this. By the way 95% of the buyers were from japan. It never stated 95% ADA was sold in Japan


An ICO token sale of ADA ran from September 2015 to January 2017. It was marketed as an “investment to retire on” in the Asian cryptocurrency market. About 95% of the buyers were from Japan, and the remaining 5% were buyers from Korea and China. The Cardano team didn’t open the ICO to the Western market because they believe it is saturated with cryptocoins. Cardano’s ICO raised $62 million USD. The average price paid for 1 ADA was $0.00242 USD.

Cardano has a maximum supply of 45 billion tokens. Roughly 31 billion were sold during the ICO and the remaining 14 billion tokens are being issued through “minting“.


Yah so, 95% buyers were from Japan. And ICO was done in asia. Isnt it clear? It means 95% of ADA was sold to japan. You may say a slight less. bt that would not be less than 80%. Main question will be how many of them dumped on the bull market of Jan.

You can look at the Ada Rich list here:
to start to see the addresses that hold the most coins. Note that one wallet can hold multiple addresses. Never really thought about the fact that most of Ada may be owned by Japanese investors. I’m not sure how active or tech savvy the original investors are in general. Also exactly how voting will be handled is yet to be revealed. It may be that if you have 1 Lovelace you have the same vote as someone with 1000000 ada. Over time ownership will most probably dilute in my opinion.

Yea not anon. I think Charles wants to have compliance bully in by design to facilitate acceptance and use in particular countries. The main one being the US. I wonder if Cardano has a lobbyist in DC. Anyone know?

I don’t think so but Cardano was just part of a lobbying group that formed in the EU. I’ll try and find the link.

Hey Thanks for this! I have to read up on lobbying in these other countries. I’m not sure of the impact of a lobbyist in the EU compared to the US. But the access bug here is tremendous if not downright scary. Thanks again.

As IOHK is moving to Wyoming Charles mentioned that he has access to the Governor. I would think there are blockchain lobbying groups in DC now. Coinbase etc…

The fee could be adjusted at anytime