Is it possible to migrate from BSC to Cardano?

Hey, question is in the title. Just wondering what that process would look like (if possible).

Hello @rubrik373 and welcome to Cardano forum :smiley:

You need to be a bit more specific with your question. Are you asking is you can migrate Bitsonic Tokens (BSC) to Cardano ADA Tokens, or BSC Farm Tokens (BSC) to Cardano ADA tokens or any other project tokens with BSC acronym.
Or are you asking if you can migrate a whole project such as Bitsonic Exchange or Binance Smart Chain Farm to function from Cardano Network.

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Sorry for the ambiguity. Yes the latter, an entire project from BSC to Cardano. Is that possible? Furthermore, is the same possible from erc-20 to Cardano?

Yes. You can rebuild BSC Farm on Cardano. No sure why, since that is Binance Smart Chain Farm made just for Binance ecosystem and made to work only for Binance Yield Farmers. However, you can rebuild it to be functionally similar and usable on Cardano and for Cardano network.
As for just “Copy and Paste” type of migration, probably not. I know Binance uses a lot of C++, C# an Python. For that you might have to wait until Cardano releases IELE to convert other programing languages to Cardano Haskell.

As for ERC-20 there is already an ERC-20 Converter made by IOHK. You can read more about it here:

Hope this helps :smiley: