Is it possible to use cardano-cli with dadaelus?

Is it possible to use cardano-cli to automate transactions using the node that is generated having a synced dadaelus?

if you will import the daedalus wallet (seed words) then it should work. ( you will perform transactions on cardano-cli but also you will should see them on daedalus)

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thanks for your quick response. I have experience in other blockchains, but in cardano I am just landing. Could you recommend some channels of discord, telegram, and github for developers please. Thanks.

and perhaps other people will add more links

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I am really very grateful, thank you very much friend!

you are welcome

Hello Alex, another question arose that has to do with this post, that’s why I don’t open another one. The node that opens the daedalus on our machine, is it a node connected directly to the mainnet or does it go through some intermediate node of iohk? Basically my question is, is having a node running with the daedalus the same as having a full-node created separately? Thank you.

It’s connected to mainnet … also IOHK nodes are making part from mainnet network (but are operated by IOHK)

Yes, I understand that it is connected to the mainnet, but it is not really a full-node, because the tx are sent to an iohk node and from there the broadcast is actually made to the mainnet. Or is it not? what interests me is to know if that node could be transformed into a node of the mainnet without having to go through those of iohk

No full node will ever be connected to every node of the whole networtk.

So, transactions will always go through some other full nodes you happen to be connected with.

For Daedalus, these other full nodes are hard-coded to be the ones of IOHK (presumably also, because it would be strange to put the load on others without asking). This does not make the node running inside Daedalus less “full”.

It might be possible to change the configuration of the node inside Daedalus to use some others. Haven’t tried it, but it would be interesting, although I fail to see the need.

Yes, I understand how the broadcast of the tx through the nodes works. what I think is that maybe a lot of the network congestion comes from all the Daedalus broadcasting the tx through public iohk nodes. if there were a lot of trustworthy peers, maybe it could help to decongest and improve the functioning of the network. besides that the tx could be confirmed faster. am I wrong in my opinion?

The people running Daedalus are not such a huge share. It’s becoming more resource-hungry every day.

The congestion is probably more at the nodes used by Nami, Yoroi, and ccvault.