Is my ADA secured after I stake it in a pool?

What if I stake my ADA in a pool and the owner of the staking pool I’ve chosen runs awaywith my ADA?

or what if the staking pools gets hacked? Do I loose my ADA?


Delegating your stake to a stake pool is 100% secure.

  1. You should never transfer ADA to a stake pool. If a stake pool asks you to send them funds in a transaction, please DO NOT PROCEED and report that to us.

  2. The delegation mechanism allows you to have full control over your funds. You delegate ONLY your right to participate in the protocol producing blocks. Thus, when you delegate to a stake pool, you only allow them to produce blocks on your behalf, but you NEVER give up control of your funds.

  3. When you delegate, your funds are NEVER locked, you retain full spending power over your funds at any time.

Happy delegation!

I will appreciate if u will support my project


How can i support your project?

To delegate to my pool CHRTY


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Your pool name
Ok i will follow your pool


Thank you for this clarification. Much appreciated

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30 minutes reading you… and you are answering all my doubts! Haha

I have one doubt… how to explain this to the people that they think it is more secure exchange

simple :slight_smile:

not enough?

look at the exchange from Turkey who stole all clients’ funds

and the list can continue.

but of course, taking out the money from an exchange you will be responsible if you are hacked …

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No words to describe! Haha thanks Alex!

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