Delegation, how safe is it?

Sorry if this was disused before but I tried searching the forum with no luck.

I recently delegated my ADA to a staking pool through Yoroi wallet on iphone. For the last two days my funds showing zero balance and there has been an error message “We are experiencing synchronization issues. Pull to refresh”. And if I try to deligate on any other pool, I get a message saying “Invalid Pool Data, The data from the stake pool you selected is invalid. Please try again”.

Is there any change a staking pool might be a scam? Should I be worried?

Nope, u are 100% fine… there was a yoroi sync issue, have patience

Ok, thank you!

Your ADA never move away from you wallet.
You can check your wallet in the websites: or

OK so I installed desktop Yoroi wallet to find out everything is safe. All I had to do after was deleting and reinstalling the app on my iphone and everything is now working normal. thanks for all the replies!