Unstaked on Yoroi

He guys,

I successfully delegated my ADA yesterday on Yoroi. But I checked my balance again today and my delegation is gone now?. Trying te redelegate again gave me server errors…

It is back now…but total balance disappeared.

Never mind…They are working on it I guess

I’ll wait it out for a couple of days


As long as you have a confirmed intrawallet transaction (high), you are staking to your original delegate. The dashboard is more stable today but still comes and goes.

I have similar issue.
staked yesterday in epoch 5 with high transaction assurance. balance shows correctly in the ‘to address’ for the staked quantity, but when I go to the front-end dashboard in yoroi on chrome it shows total delegated ‘0.000’ (it looks like i’m not delegated).

If I try to delegate to the same original pool I delegated to in epoch 5 it just gives me a server error.
I’m guessing if my transaction is high assurance and it shows on the block explorer I’m still good?

Yes you should be fine. I just pushed a new version of Yoroi that instead displays an error message instead when this issue occurs

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Thanks Sebastian! The Emurgo team rocks!