Stake delegating error (Yoroi)

While trying to stake ADA an error was displayed, when pressed the collapsible menu to further details, nothing was shown. No ADA was staked, however the fee was charged. Any ideas of what might have happened? How can a situation like this be solved?

Do you use Yoroi Mobile or browser extension?

Do you see a internal 2,17 Ada transaction?

I use Yoroi Mobile.

It shows a 0.174257 fee (Intrawallet) transaction. However the available funds are 2,17 below the value I had before the stake delegation attempt.

Hi @unkletowers . I think we need more information. If you can, please put here a screenshot of the error, transaction ID, to which stake pool you are delegating, etc.

Or you can check the transaction ID in Cardano Explorer

Do you see any successful transaction in “Send”? Usually it will take Deposit 2 ADA + Transaction fee 0.17 ADA

Maybe we can then investigate what’s happening.

Hello. I’ve delegated to ALPS - The Alpine Stake Pool and at the time there was no information regarding the error. I can only see the transaction fee (0.17ADA) on the Transactions tab and nothing else. I’ve made a screenshot of the transaction photo_2021-03-17_12-15-59

I’ve just checked the Dashboard and it now shows the amount delegated to the mentioned pool. Is it likely to have taken more time than expected to be shown? So I can assume everything is in its right place.

Thank you

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Yes, you are fine. It was stated in your Transaction ID, that you deposited 2 ADA + Transaction fee 0.174257 ADA. And you delegated 17 ADA in that ALPS stake pool. It’s doing okay I think.