Yoroi Wallet “Transaction Error” when trying to delegate ADA coin to any stake pool

Hello everybody, I feel like I am the only one dealing with this problem at the moment since I cannot find any solutions so far, so any advice would be of great help.

Info to keep in mind:
I have a ledger nano x running on 1.3.0 firmware and 2.31.1 ledger live which are the most up to date versions. My Yoroi Wallet is also on the latest version 4.2.0.
Also everything has been setup through my iphone 12 including the syncing of my ledger and the yoroi wallet and the transferring of my cardano coin from coinbase to my wallet.

So my problem is whenever I try to delegate Cardano to any stakepool I get the message of “Transaction Error” no matter if my phone is paired up through bluetooth or not ( I also follow all the instructions the app tells to do before pressing confirm) . The same thing goes when I try to verify the receiving address to transfer my cardano into my wallet. It’s just frustrating to me since I’m in this for the long run and i’m just trying to earn some interest on my cardano but I can’t.
Below is the image that shows up when I try to delegate.

My bad guys the other picture is when I try to verify the receiving address and this is the picture of when I try to delegate

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Please open a case to yoroi team from app