Yoroi Wallet: Transactions tab not showing Delegation Fees -- should it?

So I transfered ADA into my Yoroi three times and then delegated to one stake pool.
I hadn’t check it too often, but today noticed I’d earned some ADA reward.
I also transferred ADA to Yoroi one more time today.

When I go into the Yoroi Transactions tab I can add up all my deposits. They match what was sent from my other wallet. When I subtract 2.17 ADA (I believe that is the fee I paid to join the stake pool) from that amount I find I am missing 0.17 ADA.

Is that missing amount a delegation fee for the today’s transaction?
It would help if the Transactions tab showed fees like this. Why doesn’t it?


Each time when u will withdraw the rewards u will pay a transaction fee (that’s why u should withdraw the rewards only when u will want to soend them or for eg once/month)


Have not withdrawn rewards yet.

If you just did a deposit, there is no “delegation fee”. Only if you change the stake pool, you will have to do another transaction that will cost a new fee.

All funds put into a wallet (and all rewards at the moment they become visible, no “withdrawal” needed) contribute to the stake for the next epoch automatically. There are no hidden fees.

Your “Total Ada” should really be the balance of the transactions plus the “Total Rewards” on the first page. There’s one caveat: While Yoroi in browser shows the amount including fees in the transaction list, Yoroi on mobile only shows the balance without fees and you have to tap on it to see the fee in the details. (And while Yoroi in browser shows the 2 ADA deposit for the stake registration transparently, Yoroi on mobile seems to not show them at all.)