Is that genuine cardano apps

What is the app?

Doesn’t look like anything I recognise

It was recommended from a Chinese friend whom also invested a lot. That is why I also looking for some one can helps us break the code.

My investment is not much… but I have tried to cash out before, it seem like the transaction is real thought.

You still haven’t said what app this is


i got the same problem also now I have 1min ADA inside this app omg !! I’m from Malaysia now I can’t sign in intro by China friend also

Is a app call ADA app omg what can we do now

No idea what this app is. Always recommended to keep your ada in an official wallet. If you sent ada to this app, you would need to find out who owns it and contact them

Can’t found now all after this all if need use by apple before download need a test flight

I have 1million ADA inside omg I put all my money in ADA can help me out ??? Please ??? Or contact ADA?

You will need to contact owner of that app. isn’t anything Cardano can do

假的,这是骗子,你敢打赌你的币现在已经提不出来了 :sweat_smile:

That’s a spam…

may i know who is recommended to you… at least not the same person…

i was invited earlier in a wechat group, then i move out, but i invested some in the same apps. Therefore, better you should tell the wechat group to be careful of the person

I don’t have the owner app contact :sob:

No need wechat, just discuss here will do.

it’s a scam.
official app don’t need test flight.

go to, and refer screeshot below

In my opinion, i think no point.
I believe the whole group is setup just to con one person only, which is , YOU!

Meaning, if they wanna con 5 person, they have 5 different groups for this 5 person.
Just my opinion on how they run this.

You may try add people in the group and warm them individually, but they will sweettalk you instead, and doubt that you are actually sabotage their opportunity to win big…

and you in return, you might be convinced by them…

I might be trapped with their set up, but i wish more people should be alert from them, if those people are still in the WeChat (so called scam group), please continue to ask them more questions to check more details. Whatever is lost can’t take back, is just to let more people don’t be con by them. Also, hopefully we can try to trace the “transfer address” from another wallet to that apps.