Is the wallet safe?

Given Daedalus is currently the safest way to keep ADA, how safe is it? In other hot wallets (such as Exodus), a pass is required to enter the platform upon launch. On Daedalus, it logs in automatically when the program is opened. That has me a bit concerned.

There is no logging in or out of wallets unless they are the online type.

What it’s doing when you enter a password is unencrypting the wallet - the only difference is when this happens.

Daedalus opens but unless you have the password it will not allow transactions. Both Ethereum Mist and Bitcoin Core which are the two most used full nodes open the home screen soon as you run the programs.

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Thanks @jfonseca. That was my concern and I haven’t had a chance to experiment with it yet as I’ve only received transactions into my wallet (nothing has been sent out yet). Hardware wallets will be ideal but it makes me feel better that the wallet opens up but does not send out transactions without a password.