Is their now going to be an ITN AIR Drop for all ADA holders?

Guys Are we now as we are having another SnapShot for all ADA holders Going forward does this mean that if we vote to keep the ITN coin Will there be a ratio of 1:1 Air Drop for all ADA holders so we all benefit as a long term holder I think this will be fair. As it does not seem Right That IOHK and Charles and a select Few Will benefit so highly with out the whole ADA Community also benefiting. I see no issue with this other wise what is the benefits for normal ADA holders?? Why would we want to pay for all this out of ADA if no rewards go to us to. Seems only fair also it brings the whole ADA holders back together as we all will get some new coins from the AIR DROP. This needs to be made clear before the vote. When will the AIR Drop be? And What normal ADA holders we be getting out of it too as i am sure we will not want to pay for this if we get nothing. And that means it will be a big vote no from most of us i would guess.

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I’ve not heard any talk of any airdrop except from you so I’m unsure when it will be happening.

If you read the title?? It will help you alot… The Question is there asking does this now mean their will be an AIRDROP? Or what does normal ADA Holders hope to gain from this seeing as they will be paying for it. It seems if their is not going to be on their does not seem to be much to gain but still paying for it so seems silly to vote yes. Why would they want to do this. I expect most will vote no then.

There is no airdrop or new snapshot, or voting regarding ITN.

Only a balance check for checking existing ITN rewards as per original plan.


Sorry , my mistake.
It seems Priyank can give us the correct info.
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#This is not the information that is on this page under new information? I don’t understand what is with all the mixed messages?

It says their is going to be a new Snapshot in the middle of July???

In short, we’ll take a snapshot of the mainnet during July. If you are holding ada at the time of this snapshot in Daedalus or Yoroi, you will be granted the right to vote. – Don’t worry, we’ll give you at least two week’s notice prior to this snapshot.

What is their mean then? Why All the mixed messages? It clear says their will be another snap shot in July and another vote? So I would assume their should be an Air Drop too???


Romain Pellerin

From IOHK say their is going to be so why would he say this? Is he lying you are saying???

Not sure where/which page you refer to, but you’re likely looking at outdated information on a forum post which would have said IF first round of voting was a success, which it wasnt. That page is clear about dates and timelines of voting for first round too. There isnt a mixed message.

So there is no further need for you to panic about ITN extensions, it did not go through.
Hope you can relax for a bit :slight_smile:

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So Are we not having ITN? all together now? And no votes and no airdrops? Sorry I lost my phone so have not been on here for about a week?

Also is their now 100% not another snap shot? As i would not like to miss out twice??

Voting round 1 was done and it did not have enough participation. Thus, there is no round 2.
We stick to original plan, no new snapshots or extension for a month.

This is my last attempt to explain this to you. I am sorry to say but you panic a lot, not something I can work with :slight_smile:
Will allow someone else with better patience to answer you in future

Thanks for the up date. To be fair the original plan was a good one anyway. So it will be good in the long run. But I would also say their is no reason they cant do another snap shot do ITN2 and do the airdrop then everyone is happy. But each way It is good to know we are back on track!!