Is there a trash can where one can send useless NFTs?

I want to clean up my wallet. Is there an address to which I can send useless NFTs (scam)?

You can send them to a random address if you want to get them out of your wallet. But theres currently no option to delete a token/NFT.

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Thanks for the clarification!

can be burned… if he is the creator and the policy is not locked right?

…, which is probably not the case for NFTs he labels as “scam”.

I would create my own “Trash” wallet. And I would try to unify the useless NFTs in a single UTxO, so that the ADA needed to accompany them are minimised and the rest can go back to my real wallet(s).


No, I am not the creator.
Yes, the best option is probably to create a separate wallet for this purpose. Thanks!

You could bequeath them to someone. I would be interested since I have no nft’s. But I have no receiving address yet, Ineed to sync my wallet which will take some time.