Do i lose my nfts if i leave less than an ada in a wallet?

I have the doubt that it can happen with my nfts if I leave my wallet without adas.

You won’t be able to transfer them out of the wallet, but I can’t see any reason why a zero balance wallet would destroy the NFTs.

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thanks for your answer. My query was because somewhere I read that for the wallet to be active, it had to have at least 1 ada. So I didn’t know if by mistake I left less than a ada in the wallet and had nfts, if they became inaccessible or not.
From what you say, I understand that in that case, it would only be necessary to transfer some adas to it and everything would be recovered.

You can also fund the wallet if you need the minimum ADA to pay a transaction fee to transfer them.

Remember all tokens actually exists on the blockchain only … your wallet is just a key to proving ownership.