Transfer "rewards" to wallet #1

I had created 4 wallets and staked each to a pool.

Then I moved them from wallets 2,3,and 4 to wallet 1. All Good.

NOW I just received rewards in wallets 2,3,4,

However when I try to transfer the “rewards” (which will never happen again for these wallets", I get a message that says “Cannot send from a wallet that contains only reward balances”.

My only thought is to transfer 15 ADA from wallet 1 to wallet 2. THEN transfer the entire balance back to wallet#1 (so I will be transferring what I deposited as well as all of the rewards). Wallet #2 should then be zero ADA and if I do that with the other wallets, I’ll have all my ADA in Wallet #1 which will all be in 1 pool.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


There is a small transaction fee to move funds from a reward address to a regular address, since your wallets 2,3,4 have no funds, you can’t pay the transaction fee. So just move a few ada to each wallet, “claim” the rewards and then move everything back to 1.

Awesome. I assumed they would take the “ fee” since I’m thinking there are Ada in each Wallet.

I appreciate your really fast and great answer.

Quick question:

If after moving them all to wallet 1 and I want to transfer them out to sell/use, if the old total was 100 and now I have 104 because of the stake, I assume I can do what I want with the 104? Or do I simply have the reward Of 4 and unable to do anything with them?

Thanks again

Rewards always go to a reward address, so you have to move them out of the rewards address first, which will always require the small transaction fee.

So if you move the 100 out, and still have 4 in the rewards address, you will be stuck with the same issue of not being able to pay the transaction fee.

But if I follow your advice and move everything in the wall at one so that there’s no ADA in any other wallet, everything will be coming into Wallet one from now on.

They will all be earning from 1 particular pool,

Yet as there are mixed with the ones I bought the rewards will now be useable?

Thanks again.

Yes, once you move the ada from rewards address to a payment address they are the same as any other ada.

Any new rewards will continue to go to the rewards address of wallet 1, and will need to be moved out or “claimed” if you want to spend the new rewards as they are accumulated.

Hope that helps!

It answers my question.

Thank you again.

It went very well and was very very easy to do. Thanks again

Chris you seem very knowledgeable so I wanted to ask you a question as well. If you switch your delegation pool will rewards go to a new rewards address?

No, rewards should continue going to the same rewards address regardless of what pool you are delegating.

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Thank you.

Hi ChrisTeam,

How to transfer from Reward Address to a regular address ?

Will appreciate your help.

Thank you