Yoroi mobile change addresses

Will there be a staking reset if I transfer all of my “1” change address ADA to my “0” address? Will I miss a couple of epochs? I want to do this because I assume it would be easier to set up my pool later if I’m only dealing with one address. Thanks in advance!

Nope, because the rewards are delayed with 2 epochs

  • keep 1 ADA in “1” address wallet
  • wait 2 epochs to receive all rewards
  • withdraw the last rewards + deregister the address to receive back the 2 ADA paid for registration
  • move the last funds to address “0”

! For the next 2 epochs u will receive rewards in address “1” and starting with epoch N+2 u will start to receive all rewards in address “0” (for the amount moved from address “1” to “0”)


Okay. Thanks! I’ve been with the same pool for months, but accidentally sent to my “1” address once. My OCD is kicking in lol.

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