1 Yoroi Wallet : 2 ADA adresses : Usage/Staking Q

Hope this isn’t too stupid a question - thanks in advance for any responses.
When setting up my Yoroi ADA wallet, I pressed the “Generate New Address” button and so appear to have 2 ADA addresses. (I am presently staking from the more newly created address).
If I send more ADA to the same address as before, then I know that it will be automatically staked, but if I send it to the other address, then I presume I will need to stake it separately?
If so, does this mean that I can stake to 2 different pools from the same Yoroi wallet ?

Nope, when u stake u register the stake key for all wallet not for a particullary address

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Ahh ok - so it is the wallet that is staked/delegated - good to know - many thanks for taking the time to respond :+1: