Send reward to another address

Is there any option in Yoroi Wallet to send reward from staking to another address?

I noticed that if you decrease balance of address during epoch you will loose complete reward from epoch. Is that correct?



Im not sure if i understood you correct.

But no you arent loosing the whole rewards from an epoch if you use some of those delegated adas.

There is no option to send reward to a different address. Don’t know whether that would ever be implemented or not.

As Fabian said, you don’t lose whole reward, in fact you don’t even lose reward for ada removed from wallet until the next snapshot, at the beginning of the next epoch.

Thank you, that’s great news. I thought that zero reward was related to change in balance, but it was perhaps another reason. It might be still nice to have option to send reward to another address, but it’s not necessity in such case.

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