Is there a way to locate the IP address of a wallet?

Dear Developers
There has been a hack that appears to have compromised the wallet recovery word.
When I called the police, they told me that the only way to trace the hacker is to get the IP address from which he accessed the wallet.
However, I know that the wallet does not collect IP addresses.
So, I sent an email to IOG’s headquarters and asked them if they have the IP address of the wallet on their servers.

For the developers, I would like to ask if it is possible to get the IP address of the wallet access, and if there is any way to do so, please let me know.

Why would IOG have the IP address from where the wallet is accessed?

It’s very unlikely that you’ll find such an ip address an id you do, it’ll probably be in another country too…

Watch on block explorers to which address(es) the funds were sent (and whereto afterwards and so on). If it can be coupled with an exchange, you can open a support ticket there and say those are stolen funds and hope for the best.

I guess the server logs of block explorers might contain the ip addresses of everyone who looked at this wallet and the one from a stupid thief might be amongst it, but you can’t accuse someone from theft from just looking at a wallet and because of privacy reasons, they won’t share it with you anyway… But theoretically it is an option, so I’m saying it so that you’re aware of it, but don’t hope to solve it that way… The exchange path mentioned above is your best hope I think.

Good luck and sorry for your loss.

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Might be that that is their usual approach to online crimes, but as @brouwerQ already said: It’s also possible to follow the money.

But both ways are not that promising and might end up at some entity not cooperating and/or being in a jurisdiction far, far away.

Nope. Not really a thing.

Every node knows the complete history of the blockchain. So, it’s not necessary for them to access a specific server to get an overview over their wallet. And transactions can be submitted to any Cardano node around the world and when doing that they can use any number of anonymisation services and VPNs. Moreover, the information where the transaction was submitted for the first time is not kept at all or distributed to other nodes.

It might be possible to guess which wallet app is used by some giveaways, some things only some wallet apps do. But there also might not be any such giveaways.

The provider of a wallet app could theoretically see which IP accesses the wallet. Theoretically. They have no reason to log that at all and probably don’t do. Would be considered very bad by most people if they do.

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Sometimes there’s a tiny chance you can search for that address and maybe find something in the search results that eventually could reveal further leads.