Is this app genuine or a scam?

Hi I got invited to this TestFlight app on iOS from a person in China promoting subscription of ADA and node mining. Is this app genuine or a scam?

Here’s the image of the app’s icon

Hey @Luq25

To be fair im not from asia but ive never heard from an app like that and i also dont know what you can do with this app, but i really do recommand you dont install/download apps where you arent sure if they are legit or not.



@Luq25 Hi. It is a SCAM, don’t ever install it.


You check for scams BEFORE you install, not after. The CCP has dedicated government agencies for getting spyware onto people’s machines. They use even semi-legitimate software/freeware to install backdoors into your system.

Any device/ profile you are using for your financial apps you should never, ever install anything that is not 100% absolutely trusted: no games, no PDF readers, nothing.

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This is not an app that I know about, and would advise to tread carefully and be very cautious. A lot of apps out there aim to defraud users of their ada or other assets, and a large part of them are scam apps. I would personally only stick with apps that are from official entities (Daedalus & Yoroi) or third party wallets that have had positive feedback from the community such as: AdaLite, Atomic, Infinito wallet.

For more scam/fraud information and prevention, please visit here: