What is the Android app "Cardano Free Farm"?

Hello everyone. Thinking it was for mining ADA on phones, I installed this app from Google Play Store called Cardano Free Farm. The “instructions” are on the vague side. When you tap a big Cardano logo, it starts pulsating slowly and a message reads: “Mining does not work when you exit the application”

I had my doubts as to what, if anything, it is doing, and now I read elsewhere in this forum that mining ADA isn’t possible yet.

So, I’m wondering if anyone here can clue me in on what Cardano Free Farm is/does.

The last sentence in the description is "Cardano Free Farm will allow you to now earn the crypto currency of the future!"
As it’s definitively NOT mineable this looks like a scam.

In the best case, it’s only a price indicator, trying to get some money from adword advertising.
I wouldn’t install it at the moment


Thanks! I’ve deleted it.

Recently there have been report of Fake Cardano wallet, and the team have stated that they haven’t develop any mobile wallet and have no relationship with the wallet (It have now been taken down from the play store). So watch out when you are downloading any mobile app regarding Cardano.

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Folks - DO NOT install applications from the Google Play store that state they are related to Cardano ADA. There are no such apps. Do not trust ANY wallet with your ADA currency other than the official Daedalus wallet. Your coins will be stolen. When in doubt, ask the forum.


Pretty much it’s a scam and it’ll try to steal your money.
if I were you I would reset the phone to factory default right now.

Doesn’t the google play store audit the apps and have to approve them before listing? (like the apple app store)
I don’t understand why there are fake Deadalus wallets and these other scam apps. I thought the play store was a little more secure…