Mine cardano

Hi .
I’ve registered on https://freecardano.com .
how can i transfer my Free Cardano to mw wallet in blockchain ?
thanks .

I don’t know anything about this site but you cannot mine cardano. A lot of sites and apps will claim to mine crypto but they are really just having you click through advertisements or sign up for random promotions. They generate revenue from this and sometimes pay you out in crypto.

I’ve had bad experience with these in the past and wouldn’t recommend wasting the time. Even when they do payout it’s usually very small and not worth the time put in.


At the moment i get 0.03117437 ADA .
I heard that currency have Good future .
You mean that This site does not pay .
that’s fake ??

0.03 ADA is worth $0.003, a third of a cent.

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I found Free Cardano Mining Sites please let me know if they are legit.

I would recommend not clicking on that link.

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Is it dangerous can someone remove it?

The poster @Rahulkukreja can edit it out of their post, no need for a mod.