Is this dead?

Hi i see the marlow and plutus things in the docs and just saw this in forum but not much talk on it. Is this still a thing? and how does it compare

Hello @jordan24,
Marlowe and Plutus are certainly not dead, it’s just getting started. Both Playgrounds have received major updates recently:

Marlowe Playground:

Plutus Playground:

I’m not sure on your last part of the question. How does what compare to what?

The reason this is in the kevm/iele thing is because that is what i was asking about being dead or not

It is not dead, it’s just getting started. Are you already in the Devcommunity Slack? You can join the early registration:

or if you prefer to dig around yourself please start here with Mallet (the minimum wallet for deploying smart contracts on KEVM testnets)


I see a lot of people are still having problems with the Hello World example … any idea where that is going to be fixed ?