Is TopologyUpdater needed if the pool already shows up in Yoroi?


I am so excited. Our pool Possibilities Unite People, PUP, is up and running!

I have not run the topology updater yet. However, I noticed that PUP is listed in Yoroi already.

Do I still need to run the topology updater? Am I correct that the purpose of the updater is to add outbound connections to the relay so that when the relay receives a signed block from the BP it has many nodes to send the block to?

Also, does this have an effect on inbound connections?

Also, if I run it as a cron job, and some relays that were on the list are removed on subsequent runs, does this cause an issue.

And why would I need to run it as a cron. Is it that there is an expectation that some of the nodes on the list, will be down, or not exist after a short period of time.

Thank you very much for your help!

The topologyUpdater shell script must be executed on the relay node exactly every 60 minutes . After 4 consecutive requests (3 hours) the node is considered a new relay node in listed in the topology file. If the node is turned off, it’s automatically delisted after 3 hours.

Running the topology updater script will announce ur node to the network, this way other nodes will connect to you

Congratulation Jenni, it’s been quite a journey. All the Best.

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I also have a similar question. My pool is up since 23rd June. But recently I have added another relay. My pool now has two relays and one bp.

A week back, I had configured using --multi-host... option; without specifying --single-host... options and IP addresses ports etc. Even after one week the relay hosts are not visible in the topology.json of the explorer.

So, yesterday I re-configured it using multiple --single-host... options; again without specifying IP addresses. Topology updater script is running once every hour. But my relays are still not visible in the explorer topology.json.

My ticker is GIZMO. Could you please help me find out what could be wrong in my case.

First relay should be visible now, the 2nd will be soon

Wow. Was that automatic? Or something that you had done that I should have done. :slight_smile:

Yeah, patience is the key :slight_smile:

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