Issuing a New Operational Certificate, permission denied


When trying to Issuing a New Operational Certificate, and copied the kes.vkey to cold keys folder on my airgapped, and typing thiscommand in the terminal:

chmod u+rwx $HOME/cold-keys
cardano-cli node issue-op-cert \
    --kes-verification-key-file <KESvkeyFile> \
    --cold-signing-key-file $HOME/cold-keys/node.skey \
    --operational-certificate-issue-counter $HOME/cold-keys/node.counter \
    --kes-period <StartingKESPeriod> \
    --out-file node.cert
chmod a-rwx $HOME/cold-keys

I get error msg, when ttying to to display the contents of the node.counter file, with command:

at $HOME/cold-keys/node.counter

Prior to this i tdid type the same command and without error msg.

error msg : cat $HOME/cold-keys/node.counte: permission denied

Why can this be, what did i do wrong ?

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you locked the counter with this command. Run

to unlock the keys (and the counter), then you can view it.

It is good practice to lock/protect the cold keys again when you’re done using

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