Trouble rotating KES keys - permission denied

Hey gang,
I’m one day away from my KES expiration date and have used the CoinCashew guide to generate new kes.vkey and kes.skey. My new KES period is 258.

I copied the kes keys to my air-gapped machine and ran the cardano-cli node issue-op-cert command but first was receiving errors. That my kes.vkey was invalid. I regenerated new keys and tried again, but now it says

command failed: node issue-op-cert Error:/home/airgap/cold-keys/node.counter: openBinaryFile:permission denied.

I have unlocked the cold-keys folder with
chmod u+rwx $HOME/cold-keys but to no avail.

Do you know the best way forward? Thanks!

I was able to run everything as the root and have now generated a new KES pair. Looks like my node is back up and going with another 90 days. So looks like I’m good there.

Do I have to run this as the root? Or can someone help me reset my permissions on my main user?


Use chown command