Cannot update KES with anymore? Getting permissions error on hot.skey

When attempting to rotate my KES key on my block producer with I am receiving the following error:

/opt/cardano/cnode/scripts/cntools.library: line 2138: /opt/cardano/cnode/priv/pool/POOLNAME/kes.start: Operation not permitted
Command failed: node key-gen-KES Error: /opt/cardano/cnode/priv/pool/POOLNAME/hot.skey: /opt/cardano/cnode/priv/pool/POOLNAME/hot.skey: openBinaryFile: permission denied (Operation not permitted)

I’ve never had a problem with this in the past and when I take a look at the permissions to the “POOLNAME” directory all of the keys have read permissions for the server-admin user. What should I do?

Thank you.

If you dont get an answer here, you might want ask in the koios tg group where they have their own support.

Wouldn’t you need write permisssions for a key rotation?

Looks like I needed to decrypt the pool keys first. My fault. derp. All good now

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