Jcli error while balance check

could someone help mi with error I got while checking account info (I’m working with version jormungandr 0.7.2)

jcli rest v0 account get --debug ca1shkv8f59laajxsxe9d3tnlwqrtsgyd2ykvsfcwjr2qd707uzlxw4wl7tr7z -h

Request {
method: GET,
url: “”,
headers: {},
Response {
url: “”,
status: 404,
headers: {
“content-length”: “0”,
“date”: “Wed, 27 Nov 2019 17:18:11 GMT”,
failed to make a REST request
|-> node rejected request because of invalid parameters
|-> Client Error: 404 Not Found

I’ve found on forum something similar - but on old version of jormungandr:

Can it be related to 0 ADA balance on the account (I’ve not yet transfer any money)?

Empty accounts are not known to the blockchain. So If you have not yet transfered funds to it (faucet or other), you’ll get that 404 error.

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I’ve tried few times get some tokens for tests from official faucet:

but I always get errors.
Is there any way to get some tokens for tests ?

You have to go there : https://t.me/CardanoStakePoolWorkgroup and cry a bit for some tokens.
But I’m a nice guys and I will send 5 ADA once my node is up :slight_smile: (if you’re on the beta testnet and not the nightly)

Thank you so much for your kindness :slight_smile:
Yes, I’m running beta of jormungandr 0.7.2.


Please, Psychomb, wait yet a moment - I found something strange:
I check my address
on both explorers:
Beta Testnet Explorer (https://explorer.beta.jormungandr-testnet.iohkdev.io/)
Nightly Testnet Explorer (https://explorer.nightly.jormungandr-testnet.iohkdev.io/)

and there is some ada’s on Nightly one.
What does it means?
Are they two different networks ?

And strange is the output - is it correct?

I mean address ID is different from the one I was searching.

yes - two different networks with 2 different genesis blocks.

So your address has now funds on both testnets. 5 ADA on beta for sure.

that’s is fine.