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Howdy Fam! Here’s the deal:

We’re working on getting our new project ready to launch.
We thought about who we want to hire and where to find them.
After hiring good and bad actors form Fiverr to Upwork, we had a stroke of genius: go look where experienced talented people are, where they’re already familiar with crypto and it’s . . . unique peoples (lol). Unfortunately, we-did-not-see-this-here. We looked under “Classifieds” & “Jobs”. So we’re starting and official Classifieds page, right now, on the spot!

Let’s all keep it going and help spread the word. The Cardano community is full and ripe with bright and creative minds. Let us coordinate and manifest. This board should be for Job postings only. We can “comment” about this board somewhere else. We’re creating this for convenience sake.
So let’s keep it clean & streamlined.
Enjoy, and we hope this can be the springboard for many good dreams, jobs and profitable endeavors! Peace & HODL on. Here’s the first posting:

Welcome to the community debut of, “Enter The Metaverse.DAO”, home to both the Metaverse and the world we live in. We are building the metaverse, from the metaverse. We’re building next-level concepts, communities, worlds and realities. If you think you have a ‘lil mental dexterity and a creative appetite, then stay tuned. We deliver both.
“EnterTheMetaverse is home to what?” We are a true home to the ever-evolving landscape of “applied digital technologies”. So basically, we have no boundaries integrating projects we like into our platform. From NFTs to Exchanges, and Gaming to Dapps, if we get interested, we do it. EnterTheMetaverse.DAO (ETM), is the first full spectrum production house for this world & beyond. We accomplish this by being both think tank & launch pad. We’re a Think-Pad. Everything we do matters. We’ve been quietly filling our drawing boards with purposeful next-level-material, seamlessly stitching together technology with utility, creating intuitive use cases that are as simple, as they are elegant. Our specialized process and focused development skills allow our ground-breaking-concepts to become actionable on our in-house launch pad; we are a Think-Pad. Here are three favorites of our many projects to come:
1 “The House of Coins”
While the launching order for the current projects in our production house haven’t been set in stone, The House of Coins (THC), shall be first. It is the ETM’s in-house launch pad. We will start with a series of first-to-market NFTs, focused on high quality, high utility, and cross-marketing. Yep, “first-to-market” NFts. We’re in an emerging market. There are tons of new things to be done, and we’re about it! Once we’re settled in, look for a serious Dapp (using Moralis!).

2 “The I.N.N.” (International News Network)
Yeah, this one’s gonna cause some drama. The I.N.N. is the new standard in journalism. We’re bringing back scholarly and honest reporting. . . and we’re putting it on the blockchain. That’s where news becomes history. They’ll be no more burning down the Library on our watch. “News that’s deleted or altered?”, “Censorship-narratives and paid propaganda pieces?”. Yeah, no. NOT HERE. How about live fact checking with media scores and rankings? Like, if you’re an analyst or reporter and you’re wrong 15% to 80% of the time, lol, we should probably keep that in mind. ESPN analysts get ranked and scored for accuracy, but no one at (fill in the broadcast) is assessed? We can’t stand by silently on that mess. These news stations & banks must recant and settle lawsuits on a regular basis, but because they get to keep their charters and continue to conduct bad-business as usual, they act like their stank don’t stink. How about no, “You stink, and we smell it”. The news media is supposed to inform society, not herd society. It’s time for honest & accurate reporting, and we’re about it. Oh, and formal debates? They’ve been strategically removed from American news media. We own, “TheDebates.NFT” (News, Fundamentals & Topics ;). Let’s hear both sides, they’re data, and their “experts”. Yeah. Here’s a good example: 1988 - League of Women Voters End Sponsorship of Presidential Debates - Press Briefing - YouTube

3 “Synergy Healthcare”
Start from scratch. Create a Proactive Healthcare Provider. While we’re at it, healthcare should be ‘Not for Profit”. How about that? Then, let’s use blockchain to minimize the data breaches and ransomware, with an average cost of $9.23 million dollar in damage, per breach; The Average Cost of a Healthcare Data Breach is Now $9.42 Million (Blockchain safeguards & guarantees supply chains and fraud). Next, we put that money back into the system, paying for higher quality services like therapeutic massage, infra-red saunas, intravenous blood therapies, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, etc, while also decreasing cost of healthcare plans for all members. That’s just the beginning. “Healthcare” needs more health, more care, and we’re on it. For an in-depth breakdown:

Now, this is where you come in! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Maestro. My job is to maximize and synergize the leadership rolls within ETM. We want our leaders to maximize and synergize their departments. Then every department should build strong and vibrant communities, to help us all flourish.

Show us what you think. Show us how you think. Fill in the blanks below. We shall build many portals form the Metaverse. There will be no “maximalists” here. That being said, we are building our first portal, from the Metaverse, on Cardano.

1-For your application, provide us a brief relevant job history.

2-Then, pick the job title you’re applying for and fill in the job description, in your own words. 3-Finally, list the optimal departments you’ll need to crush it. Ignore “costs” at this point. :wink:

We want to get a feel for your project management styles and ideas.

Please send your application to EnterTheMetaverse@ProtonMail.Com

Thank you for your time and interest! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Information Director:

News Director:


Marketing Director:

Social Media Director:

Finance Director:

Trading Director:

Technologies Director:

Game Chief:

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