Joining pool

can anyone help with understanding “staking Cardano”, steps necessary owning 100 or more ADA’s too join pool, and achieving in helping the community stake

Hi - at this point no one knows the details of what will be required to stake per se.
More info should be announced tomorrow (Jan 15) on their webcast or else in early February.

I don’t think there will be a minimum amount to stake but that is just my opinion.

Based on screenshots, I expect you’ll be able to designate a pool from your Daedalus wallet and thus appoint a pool as your delegate and capture your rewards that way.

Also, we’re setting up an advanced Ada pool config in prep for more info in February when live staking should begin, and you can sign up here for more info as we learn more:

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You will be able to search pools via the Deadulus app once they launch it in Q2. Visit for more information on how the staking process is slated to looks like.

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