Just bought a Cardano Shirt! What do you guys think?

Just bought this Cardano shirt to spread the word! Already got some random dudes question me in Uni!


Looks great!

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Nice shirt! Tho, it’s kinda weird to see the “Daedalus” logo with the Cardano name :slight_smile: I mean, Daedalus is first, but not necessarily the only wallet\client for the platform. Just kinda looks unusual together, like this would:

But overall looks badass, tho :+1: =)

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I like it…

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Looks good bud, how much did you pay for it.


Hey mate,
Thank you! I got it from the CryptoBillionaire store with a discount code of 10% (I think it was something like BUYDIP) so I got each shirt for 22.5$