Can your blockchain run CryptoKitties?

So guys, as some of you may know i’m a sucker for merchandise. I came across this awesome shirt on a non-official Cardano Shopify web-shop! I had no idea they were adding new stuff and i’m very pleased to be honest. Will be buying this one next month since my funds are drained due to BTFD.

I am vowing that one day there will be a “Can Your Blockchain Run CryptoCapybaras” shirt. For now i will be happy wearing this one, soon…

What do you guys think about the design?


I love the design :smiley: Am thinking about buying one haha.

Although I have to mention it is not the official store as mentioned here: Is this the official merchandise shop?


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Дизайн мне нравится :heart_eyes:

Good catch! I don’t know it was not official, updated my original post to reflect this bombshell.

I feel like Cardano needs to hurry up and create an official store since they don’t have one already (I know… I’m lacking in the patience department, my adhd does not like this beautiful virtue).

They could host design contests for bounties through a voting system, so forum users can upload their own creations. It would certainly drive user engagement upward.

Still buying one, official or not :smile:

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