Just question about hoarding coins

In recent days i have been very keen in trading crypto and during bear market, i scalped 16 hours against single trader who is fluctuating blockchain with stupidly large amounts of transactions per second, while holding thousands of tokens.
This man literally alone was drawing charts without anybody being able to do something about it without having essentially millions or billions of dollars
Inevitably governments will realize they can hoard scarce and reputable tokens to be single most powerfull holder of single asset in their battle against decentralazation

  • They will adjust total circulating supply in their liking to adjust the price in their liking much like hiding gold into vaults to make it more valuable
  • Use hitting stop limits to collect taxes and retain supply chain dominance paired with fast computers.

Has there ever been any intention to prevent this from happening with network systems inside an block-chain that would require coins to participate in a way that prevents hoarding, or atleast also give other peoples chance to gain hold of these assets every now and then. Like network inside blockchain that demands something from these assets to stay valid.

having one major holder in non-inflationary asset class makes them so powerfull it’s not even considered to be viable asset anymore as the price is not due to how these things are valued but rather if they feel like hitting stop limits today, or just making the price double.
Sorry for my terrible english :slight_smile: I’m not that great with technical words, or describing what i was going for here but i hope you get the point
I think this idea would cross anybodys mind who has played video games that has very rare items, and couple rich peoples just decides the daily price for them out of thin air…

PS: It’s really cool that theres things like lightning networks. institutional traders with their trading software make so many transactions per second that whole network lags out. Glad they can do it more efficiently