Crypto price influence

Bitcoins/Altcoins are commodities, the exchanger makes the price due to supply and demand, not sure how precisely but it works in this way.

So, what will happen when the Cardano will terminate? This is not proof of work, but proof of stake, cool, but imagine if no one is gonna trade anymore Cardano once it reaches the max amount, what happens at that point?
If I understood correctly, the price will lower if the peers that exchange Cardano for whatever business reason will chase to use Cardano Blockchain, in other works, to buy/sell.
Looking from an idiot point of view, shouldn’t this end to 0?
And what are the parameters to determine the crypto price? How the exchanges set the price? I’ve only read that is by supply/demand, but does it work precisely?

Other question, is it possible to fork Cardano (aka stock split in the stock market) to resolve the supply issue?
Is it in plan? If so, what is the plan?
I only know that the amount chosen was arbitrarily set to avoid such issue, but I didn’t find so much details about it.

Not commodities but currencies.

What do you call the max amount ? Of what ? Cardano cannot be “traded”, do you mean Ada ?

You’d have to ask each exchange because they clearly don’t agree on that :slightly_smiling_face:

What kind of fork ? A software fork, you could but then you would get another blockchain, with another token.

Again, what amount, where ? When ?

Sometimes i think bots are writing those posts. Hard to grasp the sense of those words and questions. I will try, like i did in another thread. Price is usually an agreement of two parties. One participant buys, the other sells, they agree on a price. Exchanges for cryptocurrency are working like this (spot market). They list orders from buyers and sellers. The exchange doesnt set a price. If the order matches, it will be executed and the price shows the last agreement. (e.g. 1$ for 1 ADA)

Well, you’re right but you’re talking about prices variations after a token is listed on an exchange. Given the other questions, we also have to take into account the initial price determination. It is arbitrary and not explained by the laws of supply and demand. As for exchanges even with the exact same orders from investors I’m not sure that would give you the exact same price. In theory it should but practices like wash trading have shown that in real life it’s often different. Without even mentioning the fees and variable costs that will impact in fine the price at which you buy any given token.