Just want to say thankyou

Hi all, probably not that many of you know me from here. I mostly live on telegram @OlNick and twitter @thecryptoleum. But I just want to say thank you so much to everyone for the help in understanding how to operate a stake pool - I walked through the stake pool school slowly a few times so thanks to the guys who did the videos and also the stake pool school document so I guess mostly Carlos Lopez de Lara,
great job mate, thanks. :ok_hand:
I only went fully live and available to make blocks on Saturday at the start of Epoch 217 and made a first block on Sunday morning after 13h. Very lucky and very happy to feel like I’m part of something finally.
I’m not a big marketer. I just want to help run the tech and now I know a little, I have actually managed to pay it forward, helping a few others to get started and pointing them in the way of the Stake Pool School.
If anyone wants to delegate to my pool like everyone else here I guess I’d be really really happy to have your delegation however big or small (not over 200M please!!) my pool is called
OLEUM - Pool ID:4013a7d086bec89ec1b2ba4e43633012d02e66c54278c229b324a982.

But anyway once again Thanks and feel free to hit me up on telegram if you have any questions. I’m often Nick Hiams - OLEUM stakepool