La RepsistancE swims in PEACE pool

In this post we would like to explain the rationale behind our pool ticker(s) and why are we making a brand change for our pool.
It’s a very symbolic change for us, and synchronicity and luck are fun and right 2 days after the ticker change, slottery gave us today the opportunity to sign our first block as PEACE:
Like, we were signing a peace agreement with all of this. AMEN.

Change was essentially motivated by 3 things:

a) Our old ticker really s*cked.

How you even pronounce it? An emoji, really? That’s not even officially supported nor compliant with any specification!
Although we love to hack things and thought that ticker wouldn’t be so important, it obviously makes an impact; and that’s why we wanted to change our -ticker- heart to PEACE.

b) We wanted to send a :peace_symbol: PEACE :peace_symbol: message to the whole ecosystem.

Births are painful, and Cardano is in its infancy. It’s a long way through youth, but everything we suffer as community will just build a more mature, resilient and stronger ecosystem where, although hopefully no entity will ever be indispensable -due to enough decentralization-, every actor, every positive or negative (negative != bad) event is important to stay in balance :yin_yang:.
In these early times of the Shelley era, we’ve lived a bit turbulent times between SPOs, ambassadors, companies… Even our foundation itself has received some beats.
We ourselves have been involved in some conflicts lately and, although we like to solve them in a diplomatic way, things might have gone a bit wild for us too. Deep feelings were involved and
we would like to take this opportunity to apologise for this and take this ticker change as the beginning of a new era. In fact, we are very close to Voltaire, ain’t we :)?

Cardano is building an ecosystem from the ground up, one completely different to anything anyone ever experienced. Thankfully, a few managed to elucidate and to formulate important aspects for the ecosystem through mathematics; our universal language.
In this sense, we like to observe the very first version of the pledge mechanism -which we agree needs a bit of “fine tuning”- in a bit holistic way. It might provide low return of investment today, but sticking to its original intention (tho negligible, greater pledge produces greater rewards today) can make a huge impact on tomorrow’s panorama. Not only because a few lovelaces of rewards (very valuable to some people in today’s world, by the way) could reach a really high value past-tomorrow, but what’s more important: because the education and examples propagated will completely define who we are as a community and how the -human, in the end- ecosystem will behave soon™.

As humans, we’ll probably fool ourselves and explore different routes led by our ego. And it’s fine, failure is a necessary step to success, but we are all (on|in) the same boat going for number one.
Luckily, maths serve us as “north star” to rediscover our path as a single entity, guiding us in our way to religiō, which in classic antiquity, meant conscientiousness, sense of right, moral obligation, or duty towards anything; if you want to observe it in a transcendental perspective.
These formulas enlightens our path to “a better world”, and if we manage to educate a majority on following these compasses, in a non-myopic way, we’ll get there!

c) In the same vein than b), we’d like to keep our entity perception as a peaceful one and with this change we want to elude any possible warlike/military perception of our initiative. We are pacific activists, always been, and always we will be.

We played with “resistance” and “persistence” wording and a bit of Ali G’s “RESTECP” twist to make it funnier. An idea we carry from an old project that aimed to make IPFS, “the permanent web”, persistent.

Reference to the French Resistance also seemed fun; but we can’t be any further from the idea of supporting any armed force. With this reference we wanted to stress the parallelism of our project as an activist movement, with our mission being preserving/persisting values Cardano was built on:

That said, La RepsistancE as collective will go on building projects to enrich the ecosystem and its peaceful activism in favour of Cardano decentralization. The ecosystem needs to find balance between competition and cooperation; and the only “weapons” we need for this are science and education!

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I can’t be more in tune with what your pool represents. Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

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