Ticker (XPPX) Pool

Hello my Cardano brethren🙋‍♂️! My pool will be started soon. 15JUL21 or 23SEP21. I’m currently trying to get my friends/family onboard. I’m a BCT OG (username xPPx) and decided to branch off to Cardano. I’m trading a few Bitcoin for Cardano and pledging 100,000ADA and hope my IG following will get me to ~2.3M.

Sadly, I won’t be donating the proceeds to monkeys or dolphins. ALL proceeds will be restaked. NONE of the ADA will be spent or withdrew for the next 5 years. 0% margin. After I hit 2.3M delegated, I’ll donate 100% of my profits to the WoundedWarrior program, being that the Air Force has helped me through Afghanistan/Kuwait PTSD. Thanks in advance!


Welcome to Cardano!

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LOL! Thanks! If I wasn’t a CONGE Pool OG, I’d be at your pool. You are here 24/7 and give out priceless info.

Me, I’m just a guy with a dream of 2.3M delegated and paying delegates >5%. Like I said before, I won’t transfer ONE Lovelace until 5 years/2.3M delegated…

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4 months later, my FIRST block!!!

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Prophet Pool Promo

In celebration of my 1st block, I’ll be giving away 250ADA. The top 5 wallets by ADA quantity in XPPX from 00:00 01DEC21 (SnapShot) and holding until 00:00 01JAN22 will receive 50ADA each from me before 12:00 01JAN22. This equates to 600ADA/year. The same APY% expected from a 12,000ADA delegator. Gluck!!!