BubbaGanuStakingADDA (BUBBA) -> 1% pool

Hi All, Very excited to share my pool info with you all. It has been amazing journey till now testing back an forth the optimum setup helping me gaining new learnings, and also driving Cardano’s future as True decentralized protocol.

Pool information:
Ticker: BUBBA
Name: BubbaGanu Staking ADDA
Planned pledge: 100,000 ADA
Pool ID: 0d1a3b53c2ea10985096a337585f77b9f5814b487ca3debca3680be9
Fees: 1% only. My intentions with reward would be to fund myself in creating smart contract on Cardano platform, therefore taking forward the Cardano’s mission.

Server specifications:
Provider: Multiple VPS provider. But core node is dedicated.
Server Location: North America, Canada
Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04

1 Block producer
2 Relay Nodes
1 Service Node
Each on separate nodes

Config varies, but all nodes are equipped with best security practise, and high performance Infra.

Very excited for community support, and gain stakers to starting producing blocks.

Any questions please reach out at telegram OR twitter. Links available at http://bubbaganu.ca OR poster above.

Thanks and sincerly,

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