Cardano420 [420]

Hello! Thrilled to announce Cardano420 [420] is now open for business! We are the ‘420 friendly’ stakepool! We pledge to donate 20% of pool fees to The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit dedicated to getting nonviolent marijuana offenders released from prison!

My name is Van Michael and I’m the pool manager! I guarantee HIGH PERFORMANCE and TRANSPARENCY now and forever! I am available with more information about myself, my Cardano story, and pool details for anyone who reaches out… Cardano420 can be found on all the social media platforms! The official website is up, though it is still a work in progress.

Pledge is currently below 50k, but will be steadily increasing in the coming months!

Pool ID: 69a8b8901715e2ca62feeb5be3c74b43f245528b908fe8064c742b25