BubbaGanuStakingADDA (BUBBA) Stake pool operator experience so far ! Good luck to all with d = 0.9!

Hi Fellow operators/Delegators,

I am with Cardano since inception, and got into stake pool since ITN, though jormungandr node wasn’t easy to build, therefore couldn’t spin up official pool. But I started my journey learning through stake pool operation there onwards, and part of all Haskell testnet(s) gaining experience every day.

It’s been hard last few days. Starting of mainnet epochs I gained about 19m stake and was feeling blessed and jolly that my work is paying off. I got such high stake at once because some whale holding 18m delegated to my pool. Seeing the whale, I caught attention in the eyes of small holders and gained about 19m total.

But the world is full of shocks and surprises, I immediately lost about 18.8m in 2 days as soon as my whale left me which I never get to know why. It wasn’t easy to look at my delegation. But, eventually I came back to life.

Just like me, there are many pool owners out there hoping to catch some healthy delegation and to start out journey.

The Cardano stake pool experience is turning out to be real life cut throat competitive situation. Smaller pools who couldn’t attract stakes (as most of it is like a herd race) keeps shrinking lower n lower.

But, that doesn’t hold us back. We are still one among 900+ stake pools. We are part of the community and holding cardano mission flag to become world’s first PoS most decentralized currency.

As journey towards lower d parameter is starting, I would like to wish everybody luck in their works. Pray for all to grow together along the path. Let’s reduce d from 1 to 0.9

Bring it on!!!

Stake with #BUBBA #BubbaGanuStakingADDA

Ticker: BUBBA
Name: BubbaGanu
Staking ADDA Pledge: 100,000 ADA
Pool ID: 0d1a3b53c2ea10985096a337585f77b9f5814b487ca3debca3680be9

To know how to choose pools, I prepared factual insights and posted on Reddit other day, please visit to understand, this article will form my basis to evaluate pool performace going forward.

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