[LACE1] - Open Source Software Fund - lacepools.com

Hey folks!

I am thrilled to introduce you to the :heart: [LACE1] pool.

As widely known, there are only two hard things in Computer Science: naming things and cache invalidation.

If you ask me “ain’t that a stupid name for a stake pool?”, I’d probably answer “Yes, it certainly is!”.
Fortunately, the name of a pool is not really what matters. What matters is what we do.

My name is Robin, I work in IT for two decades and I strongly believe in Open Source. I know very well that maintaining Open Source Software is very time consuming, it can be very exhausting and even frustrating. Many OSS developers are volunteers and rely on donations to keep up working on their projects.

I want to support the people who develop the tools we use every day.

Staking ADA with the LACE1 pool feeds an Open Source Software Fund with 25% of the pool’s profits. The funds are payed out to open source projects through recurring donations.

https://lacepools.com provides more information about the fund and the projects.

I see this fund supporting on two ends: Not only is it financially helping out on those OSS projects but it is also bringing the Cardano project to tech communities where Cardano may still be unknown.

The pool itself is hosted in the cloud. Security is non-negotiable - best practices are applied. Resources are easily scalable on demand.

I hope to see you all on :heart: [LACE1]

Thanks for reading,