Started a Stake Pool - when can I see it on or similar?

Hi all, I’m glad to be a part of this community. We just launched our first stake pool today with 0 fees. How long does it usually take for the pool to be visible in the online pool tools?
And if anyone knows, how fast does the Cardano Foundation approve pull requests for pool registrations?

EDIT: pull request approved!

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Usually a day (or two) after the approval on github.

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Good luck with your pool :+1:


Hello @fresco.pool,

for the metadata GitHub the current times are approx. three to four days but It can take as long as a week.

Listings in or are not subject to a GitHub approval. They are tracking the blockchain entries. (but of course it will look much better with actual metadata :grinning:)

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Please refrain from using insults and use your choice of words wisely. Thank you in advance.

How is it any different than promoting yourself with 1% or 2% pool fees?

The idea of the testnet is decentralization and learning how to operate pools. Of course, we want people to delegate to our pool in order to actually get some blocks to TEST and LEARN about how the system works, how to IMPROVE our pool etc… Since that is our goal right now, we set the fees to 0%. We need the community to help us TEST our pools because we don’t have enough ADA ourselves to get a block anytime soon, and in return, we are offering 0 fees.

As for promotion, we hardly promoted our pool at all so far - just registered, said hello, and asked a question.

We are trying to support the community by giving it fee-free rewards on staking because staking alone is a reward for us at this point - all we are trying to do is TEST, LEARN and IMPROVE.


Biggest irony here is that the devil logo gent. is called the same as fresco pool… FreeSCO dont worry there plenty of users/ada for every kind of pool :wink: