Fractalide Stakepools

Hey folks, for any of you who hold Tezos we’ve setup a Tezos stakepool over at the backend is stable and running well with keys stored on hardware wallets (it also supports this latest critical patch We still have the front end to develop out that displays your earnings, this’ll come over the next week or so. Running a Tezos Stakepool gives us experience with stakepools for when ADA stakepools come online. All our stakepool source code is free and open source so please do have a gander. Later we’ll integrate ADA into this repo for anyone who wants to run an ADA stakepool. So if you hold any Tezos please do consider staking with us! Thanks!


Sorry Stewart but Education category is “The place for how-to guides, information and tutorials about getting started with Cardano.” So I’m moving this topic to Random.

No announcement catergory - the nearest thing is “…, information…”. Stakepools aren’t random :slight_smile: but it’s cool.

Random is for “everything else” so if it doesn’t fit elsewhere, it fits there.

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