Ledger nano s app size issue

I have a ledger nano s wallet, when I install the cardano application, there is no room to install applications for any other coins. The wallet has a capacity of 153 kb, the cardano application is 83 kb, the largest size is the cardano application. In this case, I need to buy a new ledger so that I can use another coin application. I request application developers to look into this issue.

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You won’t reach the Ledger app developers by a post in the forum, I fear.

Yes, the Cardano app is huge. And it will probably become larger, not smaller, when they integrate smart contract functionality.

Not a problem if you only use Cardano. For others, there should be a warning that they should consider a Nano X.

You can simply uninstall the Cardano app after you used it and then simply reinstall it again whenever you need it again. You do not erase the coins with that, as the keys are still the same.

I was managing like ~8 different coins with my Nano Ledger S.

Yeah, possible, but not comfortable. And sounds like it might put some stress on the flash memory of the Ledger.

maybe yeah but im using my Ledger device since nearly 5 years and never had any problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello @abjuveprincipium

Ledger does post a chart of available app combinations that can be stored at one time. It allows maximum of 7 apps and as low as 3 apps depending on app combo. The only way to improve on this is to get Ledger Nano X which can hold up to 100 apps. Here is a combo chart for Nano S:

Source : Supporting and Improving the Ledger Nano S | Ledger

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